Parenting conference 2018

Cornerstones of Parenting Weekend Conference - Reaching the Heart of Your Child

June 1st - June 2nd, 2018

€25 - €40

A Parenting Conference Teaching Valuable Principles for a Healthy Family

Raising kids is hard! And raising mature, confident, joy-filled children is even harder. It isn’t by chance, or being blessed with an easy going child. True results happen by parents who intentionally guide and raise their children with an understanding of principles that will keep them on the right path throughout their lives. The conference is designed to breathe HOPE into your parenting. IT IS possible to raise all children to be productive, morally strong, responsible and loving people who are a blessing to their own families and others as well. We want to encourage each of you, regardless of your own family situation, that with the right Biblical principles for guidance, it is possible to raise a well-adjusted, successful and loving family.

Topics include:

  • Keeping your marriage strong in the midst of "chaos."
  • Mom seems to get all the attention... What's dad supposed to do??
  • Is "first time obedience" really possible?
  • Does your child have a "willing" or "willful" attitude?
  • How do you teach self-control?
  • What type of correction do I use?
  • How much is to much TV-time, the internet, and social media? (From a medical perspective.)
  • Principles for healthy family relationships
  • How do you deal with temper tantrums, whining, sibling rivalry, power struggles...

Speaker: Dr. Robert & Gayle Bucknam

Gayle and Bob Bucknam have four grown sons. They have been involved with teaching parenting classes and conferences for over 25 years. Gayle is a Counselor focusing on grief, marriage and parenting issues. Bob has been a Pediatrician at Cornerstone Pediatrics in Louisville, Colorado for over 25 years and is the co-author of several best selling parenting books, including “On Becoming BabyWise”, and “On Becoming ChildWise”.

Date & Time

Friday June 1 - 1830-2000 (doors open at 1800)
Saturday June 2 - 0900-1600 (doors open at 0830)


€40 - per couple
€ 25 - single

Cost covers Conference Cost, Saturday Continental Breakfast, Saturday Lunch


Paid Childcare is also available as follows:

For Friday & Saturday (includes lunch with parents):
1 Child = €30
2 Children = €60
3 or more = €80

Friday only:
1 Child= €15
2 Children= €25
3 or more = €35

Saturday only (includes lunch with parents):
1 Child= €20
2 Children= €40
3 or more = €60


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